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Sales Manager 

Pharmaceutical Excipients responsibilities include responsible for the development of new projects and potential customers in the region according to the requirements of the company's development goals, cooperating with suppliers to do marketing work, and maintaining sales for existing customers. 

Position responsibilities: 
1. Responsible for the technical promotion, service and project follow-up of the company's products in the field of medicine and health products; 
2. Develop new customers, establish customer relationships, and maintain existing customers; 
3. Fully understand the market status and timely Report market trends to superiors and make rationalization recommendations. 

1. Over 25 years old and under 40 years old, not limited to men and women; 
2. Bachelor degree or above, professional background in pharmacy, pharmacy or pharmaceuticals (required); 
3. More than 2 years of R & D and production of pharmaceutical companies, technology Relevant work experience, familiar with the relevant processes of pharmaceutical companies (required); 
4, The ability to independently expand the market, can effectively use supplier technology and laboratory platform to develop business; 
5, Experience in sales of pharmaceutical excipients is preferred; 
6, good Communication and interpersonal skills, strong sense of responsibility, excellent organizational skills and team spirit; 
7, Proficient computer operation, can use office software, can read English materials; 
8, Office Pudong New Area, Shanghai, can arrange daily activities according to business needs Business travel; 

Salary expenses: 
1, Basic salary + bonus; 
2, The company pays five insurances and one fund in accordance with national regulations, enjoy national legal holidays and paid annual leave; 
3, The company provides professional skills and sales skills training regularly;