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Hangzhou Seminar of Pintech Pharma in 2019 was successfully completed

* : * : admin * : 2019/12/06 8:57:12 * : 41
On October 29, 2019, Shanghai Pincheng Pharmaceutical had in-depth exchanges with customers from more than 60 pharmaceutical companies on the shore of the beautiful West Lake. The Hangzhou Seminar was successfully completed. Let us review it.
At the meeting, Shanghai Pincheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Germany's MEGGLE Group, Germany's Dr. Paul Lohmann Company, Hosokawa Micron Group-USA Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems Sympatec GmbH, Germany, discussed two topics of functional pharmaceutical excipients and powder research.
The seminar was hosted by Cheng Yao, the general manager of Shanghai Pincheng Pharmaceutical. Dr. Kang Yi, the chief representative of German Medicare, introduced the Medicare Group, and Manager Yu Haichun introduced the lactose characteristics and various specifications of lactose products, and passed a wealth of cases. Analyze the similarities and differences between the development of lactose and ANDA products and RLD drugs; in the special administration areas such as inhalation powder (DPI) and injection, manager Xue Jun introduced the application of inhalation lactose and low endotoxin lactose and explained the latest Requirements for registration of excipients and the status of legislation on medicated lactose.

Manager Zhao Chunxia of Sypatec GmbH introduced Sypatec and four particle size / granularity detectors. Manager Liu Jiesong introduced the method of laser particle size analyzer and analysis and development points.

Dr. Huang Qingzhong from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, and Yu Yang from Shanghai Pintech Pharmaceuticals introduced the operation principle and characteristics of aerodynamic screening, the introduction and application of mineral salts from Dr. Paul Lohmann.

The report entered the discussion session, and the issues involved the principles of particle size detection (such as dry method, wet method, etc.), process amplification (such as static control, etc.), and prescription research (such as spray-dried lactose combined with grinding lactose for wet granulation, etc. ) And many other aspects. The discussion lasted for an hour. There were still small partners left after the meeting to continue the discussion. This seminar was successfully concluded, and we look forward to the next wonderful continuation.

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